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Person: don't be sorry!
Me: sorry

going to a camp with no one you know is so stressful

its like if i make the joke will i make the friend????????„?,??/

Things most people are scared of:

- death

- fire

- heights

- spiders

- the dark

Things I’m scared of:

- ordering at restaurants

- talking to new people

- telling a hairdresser that they’re pulling all of the hair out of your head and you want to scream

I am way more flattered when an animal likes me than a human

me: alright let's save the game now
me: did I save
me: let's save again just in case
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i hate taking pictures of myself and saying my own name and talking about my hobbies and hearing my own voice and being me

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what I have decided about my future:

oh so you brought your beats headphones to school but you forgot your backpack

how could anyone not like easter when an entire pack of peeps is only 140 calories

group assignments

person: can I do somethi--
me: do you think this is a game


I am so happy that this exists in gif form

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this deserves at least 6 million views can we signal boost this

this video changed my life


help me

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me: digs through alphabet soup
person: what are you doing
me: I want the d
me before tumblr: i'm probably straight most people are
me after tumblr: i dON'T KNOW THERE ARE LIKE A MILLION SEXUALITIES like maybe i'm demisexual or greysexual or heteroromantic asexual like idk guys are nice but isn't everyone a little bit gay FUCK THIS SHIT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW
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